A Summer-Inspired Citrus Dream

A Summer-Inspired Citrus Dream
Dreaming of long summer days, Amalfi is an optimistic collection that brings a sense of lively fun and fresh pastels into our homes.

Summer days in Amalfi

Famous for its aperitif, Limoncello, and sun-drenched maze of architecture, Amalfi’s dramatic Mediterranean landscape holds a wealth of historic colours, artisanal craftsmanship and intricate patterns.

Inspired by the mosaic tiles found in the small villages that are dotted along this coastline, as well as the yearning for the fresh fragrance of bougainvillea and citrus to fill our senses, Amalfi is designed to convey feelings of optimism and create lively, eclectic schemes with its clean, crisp, white with soft pastels and zesty lemons. 

Left to Right: Como Limoncello, Vito Blush, Byblos Limoncello, Caravelle Limoncello, Tropez Limoncello, and Vito Limoncello.

Soft in colour, soft in touch

Nothing says summer more than yellow pastels and citrus tones. Amalfi features soft colourways that are reminiscent of the warm sunshine, a cool summer breeze and fresh tropical drinks by the pool on a long summer’s day. This collection is perfect for creating a fresh coastal look with a beachy vibe, particularly with our Vito cushion and its cabana inspired stripe.

Featuring plush cotton velvet in Tropez, soft European linen in Vito, and a raw textured finish in Byblos, the combination of textures in Amalfi brings a warm, soft and natural aesthetic to any interior.

The Amalfi palette is fresh, with crisp trending yellow tones, and a complementary soft pastel scheme, it works effortlessly in conjunction with each finish to create a sense optimism, inspire relaxation, and deliver a sense of joy.

Left to Right: Caravelle Limoncello, Byblos Limoncello, Vito Blush, Tropez Limoncello, Vito Limoncello, and Sonoma Laurel.

Different designs for different moods 

Inspired by the intricate details of vintage patterned tiles, the Caravelle cushion is the hero of this collection. Available in the colour Limoncello, its playful pattern and colourway of pale yellow, mineral and blush, our Caravelle is sure to be a standout piece on your sofa.

If pastel tones are a little too bright, our Tropez and Byblos are great options for adding pattern and dimension to a room. Tropez is an embroidered cotton velvet cushion with a striking diamond pattern—reminiscent of architecture in the French Riviera—that makes a stunning statement piece, whereas Byblos—inspired by tile designs—features a loose cotton basket-weave base cloth, adding raw texture.

Each of these cushions can create a statement piece on its own, which is why pairing them back with something plain or stripy only adds to its mood and tone.

Love, Vito

Made from European linen—the same trusted quality as our Como cushions—our new Vito cushion is described as Como’s stripy sibling. Its cabana inspired stripe and stone-wash finish will bring poolside summer into your home. Like Como, it will complement any look and finish with striking combinations.

Left to Right: Como Snow, Caravelle Limoncello, and Vito Limoncello.

With a perfect balance of summer tones and soft neutrals that will suit an array of interiors, Amalfi is a chameleon of a range. When paired with viscose rugs, marble and organic ceramics, a level of fresh sophistication is brought to life. Mix it with jute rugs, limestone, wall panelling and blown glass, a relaxed coastal vibe is created. The possibilities are endless.

Image Source(Clockwise): Melon, Amalfi Collection 1, ShelfChairAmalfi Collection 2Beach TowelCushions, and Warwick Fabrics (Linesta LaurelLinesta LinenCopeland DuskAxiom MinkKodiak Straw).

Its design is not only on-trend, it’s timeless.


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