Buying cushions, throws and rugs, with Afterpay

Buying cushions, throws and rugs, with Afterpay

Afterpay has taken the world by storm and continues gaining popularity with competitor products popping up all around them. The payment platform allows customers to access funds at the time of checkout with the added value of spreading the payment out over four easier to digest values.

Shopping with Afterpay unlocks affordability. Below, we bring you our tips to transform your space without draining the wallet.

Weave Travertine Buff floor rug

Weave Travertine floor rug in Buff.

1. Buy big with confidence

Buying rugs for the family home comes at a price — but slice that price in four over several weeks and Afterpay make these investment pieces practical and appreciated. Plus, it's more immediate, and with free shipping on all rugs, there’s no delay in settling your feet into something more comfy.

Measuring up the home for the right rug is important but can be tricky to navigate.

Download our Weave Rug Essentials Guide here, so that you can buy big, with confidence.

 Triplets - Domenica Clay, Giovanni Midnight and Franco Clay.

2.  Take inspiration from the rule of three

    Cushions look fantastic in groups of three on your sofa or bed. You can play with the size and shape for even more visual interest and dimension layering from small to large. Finding your style and inspiration in grouped styles can help you bulk up on value and stretch the dollars even further with Afterpay.

    Weave Amalfi collection cushions

     Last Chance - Tropez Limoncello (with Vito Limoncello and Blush).

    3. Shop last chance

    Keep an eye on our last chance range. This is the only place you can lay your hands on our end of range favourites or our seasonal essentials. It’s a sure-fire way of tracking down best-sellers and snatching hot deals at the end of the season.

    Weave Como linen cushions

    Our Vito linen cushions - even better with $20 off your first Weave purchase.

    4.  Sign up to access exclusive offers

    Get a discount on your first online shop by simply signing up and subscribing to our newsletter. Not only will you get a discount on your first order but you’ll also get VIP access to the new season and collection releases, exclusive range and product updates, back-in-stock alerts and invitations to access our VIP sales before anyone else.

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