Dulux X Weave Collaboration

Dulux X Weave Collaboration


Behind the style

Behind every product photoshoot, is a beautiful setting. Colours play a big part when it comes to backgrounds and creating looks, especially for a room. Dulux is a trusted brand and collaboration partner that we are proud to have a wonderful connection with. Their beautiful, rich palettes and durable paints are featured in most of our photoshoots, helping to truly capture the mood and complete the scene.

A mind and pastel dream

Featuring Dulux Light Ceramic and Snowy Mountains Half, this stunning mint green adds life to the room, causing the colours within it to shine. Our Verso cushion in Berry stands out, especially when paired with a neutral cushion such as our Como European Linen in Laurel — its berry and pink highlights bring a warm and slightly romantic aesthetic to a space.

Alongside Verso with hand painted design of a natural fibre blend, our soft, velvet Nova range offers a variety of rich and bold colours to suit an array of interiors. Although on different spectrums, Spice and Evergreen can be used together to create a tasteful combination that gives the room pops of colour without being overpowering.

Paired with a cosy Nevis throw, any room can be turned into one that is more homely, bright and inviting.

Weave cushions on couch with Dulux painted wall

Left Image Features (Left to Right): Como in Laurel, Verso in Berry, Nova in Spice, Nova in Evergreen, and Nevis in Spice; Right Image Features (Left to Right): Como in Mineral, Zoe in Copper, and Nova in Evergreen.

Warm romance

Using a warm and earthy tone for our Momento collection, Dulux Stonecrop transformed this bedroom into the perfect place to escape to — it's a perfect warm-toned neutral that allows you to create a colour palette of your choice. Its beautiful earthy hue balances any colour that is incorporated within it. From pinks and gorgeous rhubarbs, to jewel-toned teals and tangy mustards, any look is possible with this shade.

Weave cushions on bed against Dulux painted wall

Left Image Features (Left to Right): Nova in Tapioca, Nova in Rhubarb, Nova in Rosewater, Solano in Spice, and Travertine in Marble; Right Image Features (Top to Bottom): Our Nova Range in Tapioca, Lichen, Rosewater, Teal, and Spice.

A blend of sophistication

The living room walls featured in our Momento collection are coated in Dulux Cocoa Milk — a rich, dark chocolatey tone that pairs wonderfully with light neutrals and visually pleasing textures. This hue brings a sense of depth and sophistication to a room, and when paired with items from our Momento Collection, such as our hand painted Nopi cushion in Berry, or our Dali cushion in Spice, can create a stunning burst of colour and sophisticated dimension.

Weave cushions with Dulux painted wall

Left Image Features (Top to Bottom): Dali in Spice, Nova in Rhubarb, Alberto in Nougat, Nova in Spice, and Tatami in Spice; Right Image Features (Left to Right): Como in Clay, Nopi in Berry, Dali in Spice, and Nova in Spice.

Coffee and cream

Featuring the stunning Mocha Grey paint, this dark roasted grey has a noticeable brownish undertone — its muted quality gives a space a soothing and relaxing vibe. This rich colour is ideal when working with both light and dark neutrals, and especially creams. Step up the Luxe with classical textures such as boucle.

Our Alberto Collection is brought to life with this shade, complementing each colour and showcasing its texture perfectly. This collection combined with Mocha Grey creates a cosy atmosphere, somewhere you might want to go to hibernate.

Weave cushions on bed with Dulux painted wall

Left Image Features (Left to Right): Alberto in Nougat, Alberto in Onyx, Nevis Throw in Spice, and Travertine in Marble; Right Image Features (Top to Bottom): Alberto in Ivory, Alberto in Midnight, Alberto in Nougat, and Alberto in Onyx.

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