Five Reasons You Need More Velvet

Five Reasons You Need More Velvet

With our ever-growing need for excitement, velvet provides the perfect tactile stimulation in our homes. Used widely across the fashion and homewares industry, velvet has taken on a new role in modern interiors, providing us with a versatile fabric that transcends trends and styles seamlessly. 

Nova velvet cushions on bed

Nova Cushion Collection

ONE: The softest touch

Adding a luxury velvet cushion to your bedroom or living room area is the perfect way to add rich colour, diverse texture, and a touch of opulence to your space. With its subtle sheen and luxurious pile, velvet changes as the light moves across your living space providing a sense of movement.

This sumptuous texture is both liveable and indulgent. 

With an extensive colour palette of velvets to suit any home, our Weave Velvet Cushions are the perfect addition to your interior.

Weave Ava soft-touch velvet cushions

Ava Cushion Collection

TWO: Elevate existing décor

Nova and Ava Velvet cushions are simply beautiful cushions, and can be styled seamlessly to elevate your existing décor. Whether your interior is modern or traditional, incorporating soft velvet cushions adds a sense of luxury, and places emphasis on other fabrics and materials in the room, such as woods, marbles and linens.

As much about its feel as it is about its look, adding velvet creates an inviting environment in your home interior. Layering velvet cushions on your couch, or even on your favourite chair, provides comfort and style, while maintaining a relaxed and timeless look.

Nova cushions on bed

Nova Cushion Collection

THREE: For all seasons

Gone are the days of velvet being a winter only fibre. Lightweight and breathable, our velvet cushions come in fresh summer hues or rich wintry vibes, perfect for your sunny interiors or those cosy rainy day nooks. Adding a playful coral, vibrant teal or olive velvet cushion invigorates your winter space, providing a light and airy ambience. Perfect for country, coastal or urban interiors, velvet transitions seamlessly into any modern décor.

Think about dressing a linen sofa with a shot of velvet for a contrasting effect, or adding a wool or cotton throw alongside a velvet cushion to create warmth and depth. Lending itself well to most design aesthetics, a simple velvet addition will keep your sofa or bed looking sumptuous without being overwhelming.

Nova Spice in living areaNova Spice with Como Clay

FOUR: made to last

Our luxurious velvet cushions are all designed locally — from only the best quality Warwick Fabrics. Our ranges are made to be long lasting and durable, each with a discrete concealed YKK zip. Nova is uni-coloured with a lush flange-edge seam, while Ava boasts a subtle pattern print, that delivers the most unique detail to each cushion. The velvet and texture of each cushion is multidirectional, providing the perfect balance between form and function.

Weave Nova Forest and Tapioca cushions

Nova Cushions in Forest and Tapioca

FIVE: a quality choice

Weave velvet plain cushions are a timeless, versatile and high-quality addition to any home. They bring a texture and look that will withstand changing trends and style upgrades, perfect for when you are trying to be more mindful of your purchase choices and looking for items that will last.

Weave cushions are filled with standard inners, but when it comes to velvet, we highly recommend a feather fill upgrade (available at product level). Our Weave Feather Inners are locally made, ethically sourced and vegan-friendly, using a micro blend fill, and finished with a 100% cotton Japara cover. They are allergy and odour free, mildew proof and hygienic. Their generous fill weight makes them sit perfectly plump on your couch, bed or favourite chair.

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