Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips

While cushions, throws, and rugs are important pieces when styling your interior, your surroundings also play a crucial part when creating a desired aesthetic. From lighting, to finishing accents, we will go through some ideas for room decorations and ways you can bring a modern, stylish touch to your space.

fresh, yet cosy

For a luxuriously relaxed feel, our Endless Summer collection brings together calming texture and comfort for a care-free and warm, yet fresh aesthetic.

Featuring a refreshing palette of grounding earthy tones mixed with pops of lemon yellow, soft blush, and a beautiful lilac, playing with colour and pattern is what this collection embraces.

Raw and organic textures are perfect for this theme and can be worked with jute and viscose floor rugs for either a natural or sophisticated style. Rattan and warm wood types — including oak and teak — can be paired with soft linen sheers and organically round furniture shapes with soft-touch textures, creating a cosy, homely environment.  

Refined materials such as coloured glass and handmade ceramics will also add a curated feel, tying into this theme nicely. If nature and camping is your style, you will love this collection as it brings elements reminiscent of the forest and cabin settings to the comfort of your own home.

homely and sophisticated

Homely with an urban twist, our Homeward Bound collection unites warm and cool together to bring a soothing and sophisticated interior. Calm, yet graphic, this collection plays on juxtaposition, meshing opposites to create something special and unique.

Featuring bold and on-trend patterns and colour, this look is all about organic shapes and a mid-century palette, embracing warming browns and rich tobacco with fresh whites and linen. With an easy-going yet mature nature, this style is also luxurious and modern.

Offering historic weaving styles that meld with graphic designs that create a relaxed, bohemian feel, this look will add personality, along with rich colour and pattern. Perfect for blending and layering, Homeward Bound is versatile where anything can go. From curves to angular shapes or pieces, white mixed with black, concrete with bouclé, the possibilities are endless!

Jute and viscose rugs are great options to pair back with this look, providing either a raw or luxe finish to tie the theme together. Soft textures paired with hard accents — such as glass and wooden accents — will also bring a relaxed and opulent feel to this aesthetic.

bold and blue

For something blue and on-trend, Blue Dawn is for the bold and lovers of bright and calming hues. Celebrating the maximalist look, this collection is filled with colour blocking finishes, ocean blues that are counterbalanced with natural earth tones, and intricate pattern reminiscent to the beautiful coast.  

Perfect for creating a relaxed, clean and fresh atmosphere, using simplistic textures and playful cabana stripes with organic shapes that mimic coastal landscapes will create a sense of escape without the need of a getaway.  

This style isn’t all about the blues, however. Warm neutrals such as Linen, Camel, and Clay paired back with Cobalt and Onyx offer contrast and dimension, and can tone down this look if you find it too loud. For a softer hue of blue, Laurel is a great alternative for those less daring.

Similar to the other styles, jute and viscose floor rugs are recommended for this interior scheme where jute offers a raw and organic texture — perfect for a coastal style — and viscose brings a sense of luxury to the mix. Using rattan and clean wood types such as maple and ash will work beautifully with soft, linen sheers and organically round shaped furniture with soft touch texture to create a tranquil environment — your own luxury resort.

To top off this look, featuring refined materials of coloured glass and raw, handmade ceramics will complement the overall aesthetic of this style.