Momento - A Journey full of Emotions and Memories

With vintage textures of wool, cotton, velvet and boucle, create a journey full of emotions and memories with Momento.

Inspired by the past, Momento embraces nostalgic elements in print and embroidery with vintage textures of wool, cotton, velvet and boucle, to create a journey full of emotions and memories


When thinking Momento, grand millennial style and all things romantic comes to mind — it’s a collection that brings fond memories into our current spaces. The designs take their inspiration from a bygone era with nostalgic hand-printed abstracts and embroideries that give a nod to cubism art.

Momento is familiar, warm and comforting, and is designed to work in interiors that feature soft velvet, boucle, travertine marble, and Jute or Viscose rugs. It’s a collection that is reminiscent of moments in time that were important from the past, yet stylish and modern for today’s interiors.

Image Features (Left to Right): Nevis Throw in Camel, Tatami Cushion in Spice, Nopi Cushion in Berry, Dali Cushion in Spice, and Travertine Rug in Buff.



For just another moment in time, eclecticism meets nostalgia with a romantic twist. Verso and Nopi offer signature hand-painted watercolours which are printed on soft natural fibre blends, adding luminosity and uniqueness to a space.

For a more textural background, Dali and Tatami are perfect ways to add dimension and character. Whether used together for a pattern-on-pattern look or with plain cushions, they are great for mixing and matching, and bring personality to a room.

Image Features (Left to Right): Napali Cushion in Spice, Dali Cushion in Spice, Tatami Cushion in Spice, Cadiz Jute Rug in Natural, and Verso Cushion in Berry.



Perfect for autumn, Momento brings feelings of warmth and romance with its spicy berry theme. The rich caramels and soft, playful pinks pair perfectly with the combination of beautiful berry and burnish hues, making it a stand-out collection and one that is on trend, and brings relaxation and a sense of contentment.

Image Features (Left to Right): Verso Cushion in Berry, Dali Cushion in Spice, Napali Cushion in Spice, and Cadiz Jute Rug in Natural.