Rug Protecture

Rug Protecture

At Weave, we proudly align with companies that have the same passion, drive and ethical standards in the product and service they offer, which is why we exclusively recommend Premium Surface Protection for their rug protection formulas: MicroSeal and Fiber ProTector.

They are experts in their field on all things relating to fibre and surface protection. We recommend that once receiving your new Weave rug to contact Premium Surface Protection directly for a free quote to treat your rug so that your treasured investment can continue looking as new as the day you first unrolled it.

What is MicroSeal and Fiber ProTector?

MicroSeal and Fiber ProTector are unique permanent solutions to protect against stains and damaging UVA and UVB rays. Both solutions are anti-static as well as flame and fume retardant to keep your home safe. They also help eliminate mould, mildew and bacteria so you can breathe easy while relaxing on your rug.

How does the protection work?

Normally when soil wears through the layers of your rug, it causes wear on the fibres. Both MicroSeal and Fiber ProTector solutions create a barrier around every fibre of your rug, penetrating and sealing them into place so the entire rug is protected from harm. The solutions will not alter the colour, texture or feel of your rug either, leaving your rug looking and feeling fresh and sumptuous.

How is the protection applied?

Both protections are applied by a qualified professional in your home using special equipment to spray the solution consistently across the rug. The protected rug can be used in as little as one hour after treatment, and the solution will settle in completely after four days.

Can any rug be treated?

Yes! Any Weave floor rug can be treated, so you can now choose the rug of your dreams and it will be both beautiful and practical. Rugs containing viscose yarns are protected with the Fiber ProTector formula, whereas MicroSeal is used for all other fiber types.

Does the protection have an odour?

There is a slight odour during application, but rest assured it will go away once the treatment has fully set. We simply recommend that you are not in the room when your rug is being treated as it is applied with a fine mist spray.

Is the protection environmentally friendly?

Yes - both MicroSeal and Fiber ProTector are safe for people, plants, pets and our planet. They are also produced using renewable resources and are biodegradable. The unique formulas are non-toxic and non-allergenic. They are also WoolSafe approved, and meet the EGTS 1502 EnviroSeal standard.

How do I clean my rug?

We recommend that all spills and stains be tended to immediately, following the care and cleaning instructions provided. If the rug has been protected, you will find that blotting with a paper towel will work 99% of the time. We also find using a spray bottle with 50% water and 50% white vinegar for stickier or dried stains can be very helpful too.

Will I need to clean my protected rug?

Yes, we still recommend that you regularly vacuum and tackle spots and spills immediately. Cleaning your rug regularly can also help to reduce the frequency of professional cleans required. It is important to note that even after many professional cleans, MicroSeal or Fiber ProTector will not wear off. Your rug will always be protected!

How long will the protection formula last on my rug?

Both MicroSeal and Fiber ProTector are permanent solutions with a lifetime service warranty through Premium Surface Protection. There is no need to re-apply the solutions after professional cleaning, so your rug will forever be easy to clean and stay permanently protected.

For further information, please contact Premium Surface Protection 1800 189 907 quoting WEAVEHOME for your free quote and chamois sponge on treatment.