Tips to ensure your rugs are slip-proof

Tips to ensure your rugs are slip-proof

Rugs are an investment piece and there is nothing more exciting and satisfying than rolling out your purchase in its new home.

When placing your rug, you want to ensure that your rug doesn’t present any trip hazards to prevent any little falls or bumps, especially with little ones.  Below we share the Weave rug difference and share tips to ensure your rug is placed safely in your home.

Weave Almonte Honeycomb 100% cotton backing

the Weave rug difference - our 100% cotton backing

Each Weave rug comes with high-quality cotton backing important for safety, stability and durability. This will prevent your rug slipping on hardwood or concrete floors or bunching on carpet.

We want every Weave rug to look as good as when you first bought it. Every one of our rugs has a cotton backing and braided edge on the underside to provide strength and stability and keep the rug square. 

Weave Almonte Mink viscose blend floor rug

almonte rug in mink, palliser cushion in onyx, alberto cushion in copper, dante cushion in linen, clifton cushion in natural, tatami cushion in shadow and nova cushion in tapioca.

slip-proof underlay

We recommend a non-slip underlay should always be placed under rugs, particularly on hard floors. It will stop the rug from slipping, create more depth underfoot and lessen wear on the rug. It also prevents the risk of dye transfer to the undersurface and helps protect timber flooring.

Weave Almonte Honeycomb rug in bedroom

almonte rug in honeycomb, sonoma throw in laurel, dante cushion in laurel, kepler cushion in onyx, como cushion in laurel and abel cushion in laurel.

rug placement

If you are unsure about how to position a rug with your furniture, we’ve put together a handy guide on the next page which includes diagrams and tips for rug placement in the most popular areas in the home - the lounge, dining and bedroom. You can find it and other helpful rug information in our Weave Rug Essentials Guide here.


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