How To Use Black and Neutrals When Decorating

How To Use Black and Neutrals When Decorating
There's no denying that neutrals and black have always been a go-to in design and home decorating.

These restrained colour schemes provide a visual relief and an inviting atmosphere with its timeless and sophisticated feel. Encouraged by the minimalist design movement, neutral colours are livable, flexible and classic for creating interiors that make your room feel restful and relaxed, as well as warm and energising.

Neutral tones work as beautiful foundations to your home and are a favourite for stylists and interior designers, thanks to their inherent simplicity and versatile nature.

Here are some of our top decorating tips for styling with black white and other neutral palettes.

Mallorca Collection by Weave. Neutral cushions. Pattern cushions. Couch with cushions

Left to right: Vito in Clay, Marino in Linen, Byblos in Onyx and Sorrento in Linen.

Evolving from the classic white interior, the neutral tones of today now encompass black, clay and cream for a sophisticated style. While darker hues tend to recede and should be used as a highlight or statement, lighter colours provide softness to space whilst emphasising architectural features.

Como, Sorrento, Guadeloupe, Marino Cushion. Cushion styled on bed

Left to right: Como in Shadow, Guadeloupe in Clay, Sorrento in Linen and Marino in Linen.

Using a variety of textures and layering, neutral tones are a great way to lift and enhance your home and make it reflect your personality. Natural materials like wood, marble and stone are organic and earthy, and when combined with polished concrete or metallic chrome finishes, it can provide a contrast that will draw attention to feature objects such as an interesting light fixture or unique wooden coffee table.

Cadiz rug in Natural by Weave. Jute rug. Natural fibre. Interior styling with rugs

Cadiz rug in Charcoal.

A room designed with a neutral colour palette also gives you an opportunity to use a variety of fabrications without it feeling busy or overly complicated. When working with neutrals, it’s important to incorporate layers into your space to create depth. 

Mixing warm and cool tones in linen, velvet or jute is a great way to add depth and texture. Similar to their ability to emphasise your personal design style, neutral colours also have the ability to effortlessly and seamlessly highlight the texture. Texture is important for creating a warm, comforting and calming interior space. Think of soft linen cushions, a cotton throw or a wool blend rug. 

Mallorca collection by Weave. Stylish cushions. Cushions stacked on couch. Interior styling

Left to right: Sorrento in Linen, Como in Shadow, Vito in Clay, Marino in Linen, Byblos in Onyx, Tropez in Onyx and Guadeloupe in Clay.

Using tonal cushions on your beige sofa, or adding a throw to complement your charcoal bedhead, is a great way to encourage comfort and warmth by creating a focal point in your room.

Bringing warmth and calm, there has never been a better time to experiment with these adaptable hues. Whether you prefer coastal minimal traditional or contemporary, neutral colours are the perfect choice for any style. 

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