Styling with Patterns

Styling with Patterns

Patterns are the perfect way to add personality to a space. The problem? They can be intimidating to style and it can be hard to be restrained. Below we share some of our favourite patterns and some helpful tips on how to style them.

Handpainted prints - Nopi and Verso

Prints are a great way to add personality and warmth to a room. This winter we added two handpainted, watercolour prints to our cushion range, Nopi and Verso. We style these with our luxe, soft-touch velvet cushion, Nova, or play down a more relaxed look with our Como linen cushions.

Nopi watercolour printed cushion on couch
Our Nopi Berry cushion with Dali Spice cushion.

Handpainted in our Auckland studio, abstract floral Nopi adds contentment to your couch or bed. The rich, layered berry tones are digitally printed on a linen cotton blend.

Verso Berry watercolour printed cushion on chair

Nova Spice cushion with Verso Berry cushion.

Our watercolour geometric Verso, offers an abstract modern look. Available in two contrasting colourways; Berry and Juniper. The two colourways fit in with two warm rich palettes and soothing Modernist schemes, the Berry with our nostalgic Momento collection, and Juniper with the soothing greens and blues of Modern Mood.

Embroideries with Ezra, Napali and Rattan

Embroidery is a great way to add texture and depth.
Napali Onyx and Khaki in lounge
Our Modern Mood collection featuring Napali Khaki cushion.

The Napali cushion uses a combination of applique and embroidery to create an intricate and striking geometric pattern, contrasting against a plain jute base. The earthy jute texture adds a grounding aesthetic to any design style.

Ezra Juniper embroidered cushion in bedroom

Our Modern Mood collection featuring Ezra Juniper.

Ezra’s abstract embroidery of soft curves and contrasting lines is the perfect way to bring subtle sheen and pattern into your home. The lustre of the embroidery hints at trending Modernist styles. Combine it with our European Como linen or Alberto boucle cushions for a balanced yet texturally diverse style.

Rattan Onyx embroidered cushion on sofa

From left, Como 60cm Clay, Rattan Onyx, Alberto Nougat and Nova Tapioca.

The intricate embroidery of the Rattan cushion is true to its name and emulates a traditional rattan weave, perfect for a relaxed and nurturing space. In neutral spaces it will add depth and visual interest.

Contemporary floor rugs

Makalu Basalt rug on floor
Makalu floor rug in Basalt.

Our Makalu is a contemporary design, a clean fresh take on the diamond within a diamond motif of Berber rugs. A patterned floor rug is a simple way to lift the look of a space and add uncomplicated visual interest.

Floor rugs are both practical and essential to creating a finished interior. Adding a floor rug to a room warms the space visually, and will anchor and define different living spaces within a room.