Tips For Styling Small Spaces

Tips For Styling Small Spaces

Small spaces can be a little tricky to decorate, which is why getting creative and big on ideas is a must! Whether you’re into a more minimalist approach, or are living in a studio apartment, we’ve got a few ideas that will help turn your space into one that’s efficient, stylish, and of most importantly, homely.

Multiple Use

Sometimes, having less is more — especially when you can find furniture that is multi-purpose. If you have a living room that is close to the kitchen, folding chairs and dining tables are great ways to maximise your space. Not only is it cost efficient and eliminates unwanted clutter and cramping, it also provides two functional and essential options: an office desk during the day and the kitchen dining table during the evening. It’s two for the price of one!

Opting For A Large-Scale Rug

When it comes to flooring, choosing the right rug is important. From its size, to its finish, a rug can serve many purposes while tying a room together. Whether it’s plain, patterned, or textured, a rug will provide extra warmth, protection and cosiness to your space and can act as either a feature or background piece to complete an overall look.

Image: Dolomite Rug in Pepper.

In terms of sizing, we recommend going for one that is large enough for most of your furniture to sit on, or wall-to-wall as a tiny rug can make the room feel equally small.

Reflecting Light

Another little trick with small spaces is the use of mirrors. By featuring floor mirrors, or hanging mirrors in your interior, it helps reflect the light and creates an illusion of the room looking and feeling bigger than it actually is. 

Image: Lynda Gardener | Como Lumbar Amber

Mirrors are also a great way to incorporate unique shapes and colour without creating clutter and minimising your space.

Pops of Colour and Pattern

Playing around with colour and pattern can help determine the theme of your space, as well as its mood — depending on what you choose. When choosing a Weave cushion, it’s important to consider your room’s colour palette to ensure longevity. Plains such as our Como range are a great option as they are timeless and can be easily paired back with other colours, textures and patterns.

Image: Qualia Collection.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to go a little bold however, we recommend featuring patterned cushions in different prints in the same tones for a more put-together look. It’s all a matter of proportion and maintaining balance within your space, and when done right, it can create unique and striking interior styles.

For more tips on how to style your cushions and incorporate colour and pattern into your room, be sure to check out our Choosing A Winning Cushion Colour Combination blog post!

Image: Makalu Rug in Basalt.

Make It Cosy

From boucle and velvet cushions, to soft cotton throws, texture is everything when it comes to creating a cosy environment. Adding a soft-touch rug is also another great way of bringing extra depth, dimension and warmth to your space.

Although they can be seen as more of an investment piece, they play a big role. From shaping your room and bringing visual interest, rugs also have the added benefit of acting as a protective layer to your flooring, keeping it untouched while keeping your feet warm.  

Beautifully soft with stain and water repellent properties, wool blend rugs are a great choice to feature in your home due to their resilient fibre, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Our Logan and Makalu rugs are excellent choices for this due to their hard-wearing nature and soft-touch appeal. They are also available in 1.6m x 2.6m apartment-friendly sizes and work perfectly in smaller living spaces, bringing warmth and style.

Image: Qualia Collection.

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