Travertine, Umbra, Cadiz and Dolomite. Our 2021 Rug Collection

Travertine, Umbra, Cadiz and Dolomite. Our 2021 Rug Collection

From the mountains of Northern Italy to the beach homes of Australia, our 2021 Rug Collection is inspired by nature - from the tones and colour variations through to intricate textures for that always-on, underfoot comfort.

“Life is fast-moving and I really wanted to find new ways in which our rugs and soft furnishings in this collection could help slow it all down. Simply making life a little more comfortable, for everyone.’ - Meg Sinclair, Head Designer for Warwick and Weave Home.


Learn from nature

Covid is one of the greatest influences on our lives today. The combination of this harsh new reality and forced time indoors for so many of us has affected powerful desires for furnishings that are softer, more natural, and complementary to our changed lifestyle. This collection looks to natural fibres and earth-bound tones to establish harmony and bring a grounding balance into our homes.


Left image: Cadiz Natural floor rug with Nevis Juniper wool throw and Modern Mood cushion collection. Right image: Cadiz Charcoal floor rug.

This is Cadiz

This artisanal handwoven plain weave rug is made from 100% woven Jute with a binded edge, and in two stunning colours. The Natural and Charcoal colour variations are an addition to our already successful Jute rug category, but now offer a timeless and plain option within our range. These colours are core to an aesthetic that is craving balance and can help introduce the feeling of having brought the outdoors in. Pairing exceptionally well with other natural fibres, this range will bring to life rattan, woven furniture while holding its own with quality Como European Linen cushions, and our gorgeously cozy Nevis Wool throws.

Weave Umbra Natural 100% jute floor rug with Alberto Ivory cushion and Solano throw in Spice.

This is Umbra

Our Syracuse Jute rug offers a chunkier weave with a calm, coastal aesthetic. Umbra is a cousin to Syracuse with a lower weave profile that delivers a more refined style. The tightness of the Weave also makes this rug more hardwearing and suitable for higher traffic areas.

With the mirrored stripes, this rug is modern but ultra-comfortable. And while it complements its coastal cousin, the Umbra will sit perfectly in a holiday home or the office. For an extended summer vibe and a hint of luxe, pair this with our cotton Solano throws and the beautiful Alberto boucle cushions.

Left image: Travertine floor rug in Marble. Right image: From top, Travertine Buff, Travertine Marble and Travertine Pewter.


This is Travertine

Travertine is a form of limestone created more specifically by hot water springs. The aesthetic of this stone is the subtle concentric and fibrous texture in the appearance of the stone. Baring the same name, our Travertine rug features a subtle loom-knotted rib, in metallic and stone colours of Buff, Marble, and Pewter. While resounding strength underfoot, this viscose and wool blend promises comfort, fit for a Queen. Edged with a beautiful 10cm cuff on the ends of the rug, Travertine is made for lush bedrooms and lazy loungerooms where escape is the order of the day. Pair the beautiful textures of Travertine with the rich finish of our Nova cushions. Because you can never have too much luxe.


Weave Dolomite floor rug in Pepper.

This is Dolomite

Another creation inspired by what lies beneath our feet, The Dolomite Ranges in northern Italy were formed by light-coloured dolomitic limestone. Dolomite is renowned for its ability to enhance soil quality, and underfoot, ( in these crazy days we are living), who wouldn’t demand more nurture and comfort from the ground up?

Dolomite is a new wool introduction into the Weave range and will offer a chunkier weave compared to our previous Granito range. The handwoven texture is a boucle, that introduces multiple tones of white, grey, and black. These tones deliver great versatility in a rug that will suit and work in many interiors. This wool and viscose blend has a binded edge and is beautifully soft underfoot. The richness of the rug will accompany plains like our pastel Como European Linens or set off great contrast with with our Zoe Velvets in Copper, Flint and Brass.