What Makes Weave's Linen Different?

What Makes Weave's Linen Different?

not just any linen

It’s no secret that flax linen has been receiving a lot of hype over the past few years in both interior and fashion applications. Arguably one of the most stylish and much-loved fabrics in the history of fashion, European linen is strong naturally, moth resistant and sustainable. Here and abroad, linen remains to be the top choice for the conscious consumer.

At Weave, our journey to creating beautiful products starts with finding a fabric that reflects and embodies the quality we stand for.

linen for the conscious consumer

Linen is the second most sustainable fibre in the world, exceeded only by wool. Derived from the hardy flax plant, this resilient flora has the ability to grow in poor soil, requiring no or very small amounts of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides ⁠— it also uses less water than its natural fibre counterparts. 

Flax has been cultivated and produced into linen in Europe for centuries, and it’s this knowledge and experience that also contributes to European linen’s superior reputation in the market today. The stable climate across Europe makes it the perfect environment to grow premium flax with a high breaking point, making it the quality the world sets its benchmark against.

Our Weave European linen, stonewashed for a luxurious, soft vintage finish.

woven by warwick

Our heart and soul comes from Warwick Fabrics, Australia's leading wholesale fabric house with over 50 years of experience! For over fifty years, Warwick has been a key part of Australian homes — supplying the fabric on our couches, our chairs and our curtains.

Warwick's strong reputation has been built on great relationships with their customers and Australian's who use their product. Weave share those same values of trust, reliability, integrity and, of course, a love of textiles, colour and beautiful design.

Weave European linen comes with Oeko-Tex Certification.

european grade linen

Using the highest-grade fibres sourced from both France and Italy with Oeko-Tex Certification, our very own Como linen range is developed using precise specifications for weight and density so the quality is soft and supple, but also dense enough to be long-wearing.

Stonewashed for a luxurious, soft vintage feel, we experimented with numerous wash finishes to create the perfect lived-in quality that will not shrink when washed in the machine at home and will only get softer over time.

Our Vinnie cushion brings a sophisticated cabana stripe with a luxurious linen feel.

quality craftsmanship

Every touchpoint of our linen range was lovingly planned and thought through, leaving nothing to chance. From the double-stitched panel fronts, to the French-seamed edging, we wanted every detail of Como to exhume a level of luxury suitable to the fabric sourced. 

Available in a range of sizes and colours, there will be a linen cushion to fit your project. Our European cushion is 60cm square and perfect for placing behind the pillows on your bed for a sumptuous feel, or simply layering on your couch to add another dimension of depth and luxury.

Weave 100% European linen Como Cushions.

linen that lasts

In a time of so much uncertainty, we are all looking to make more conscious choices — from the food that we eat and clothes that we wear, to the items we bring into our home. Whether you’re shaping a sanctuary in your home, or looking for cushions and comfort that are easy to care for, it’s never been more important to have control over our choices.

Incorporating linen into your space is the perfect choice if you are after a long-wearing sustainable fibre that’s both stylish and timeless.

Our luxuriously soft, Ravello bed linen range in Biscuit, paired with Franco, Dante and Como.

practical styling

We style the range by applying colours to create a visually and tonally rich collection that will easily fit in with and complement an existing style. Not all linen is not made equal, which is why we are proud of bringing to New Zealand a European fabric and top-quality linen that has quickly become one of our most popular and sought-after products, making it a ‘must-have’ addition for homes this season.

Our playful stripe cushion perfect for summer: Vito.

perfect for summer

Linen is the perfect addition during summer it’s breathable, light, airy and crisp. It’s the ideal fabric when it comes to warmer nights where you want something to snuggle into without being too hot, and for those cooler nights where you just want a little something extra.

The beauty of linen is not only the aesthetic and soft texture that it brings, it's also the benefits it offers. Unlike other fabrics such as cotton, linen's breathable nature allows for it to dry faster than other fabrics and doesn't stick or cling to your skin if you sweat during the night, making it highly absorbent without holding bacteria. Our Ravello linen bedding range is perfect for this, allowing you to sleep with ease while enjoying luxuriously soft linen against your skin and the benefits of being bacteria-free!

Whether it's a gorgeous linen throw, or fresh linen bedding, our linen ranges provide luxe quality and a stylish finish while being beneficial to your needs and can be loved during all seasons — especially summer.

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