Pet And Kid-Friendly Spaces

Pet And Kid-Friendly Spaces

Many things need to be considered when styling your space. From colour schemes, to texture and accents, putting together an aesthetic that matches your vision can be a little tricky sometimes, especially when you have children and/or pets.

When you live with others, accidents — such as spills — or clawing from pets are bound to happen. In this guide, we will offer you some tips and tricks on ways you can create a space that is pet and kid-friendly.

pet and kid-friendly rugs

Choosing the right rug takes a lot of consideration and can feel a little overwhelming, especially since it’s an investment piece. When selecting one, we recommend something that is practical, versatile, and most importantly, washable.

Our Andorra rug is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Not only does it provide warmth, comfort and textural interest, it is also hard-wearing, durable, and UV stabilised.

Another thing to consider is the fibre of your rug. Jute and wool rugs are great options when it comes to high-traffic spaces that require durability. Jute is ideal for those seeking something that is tough in nature and natural in fibre, while rugs made of wool are resilient and easy to clean due to its stain and water repellent properties — a must-have for areas prone to spills and dirt.

Cotton rugs are also an affordable alternative. Although they aren’t as durable as jute and wool, cotton is easy to clean and features good insulation properties that will keep your home, room, and feet warm.

For more information on choosing the right fibre for rugs, be sure to check out our guide here.

linen and velvet cushions

Not only is it luxurious and soft to touch, European linen is also naturally strong, moth resistant and sustainable, making it a must-have in the household. Our Como, Vito, Dante, Franco, and Lorenzo cushions are all made from this premium, long-wearing quality and are also washable if any accidents occur. Another tip when choosing a cushion is to pick something with pattern as they are more likely to hide dirt or stains compared a plain.  

Similar to linen, velvets are also long lasting and durable, and bring a rich and heavenly soft touch to your space. Lightweight and breathable, our Ava cushions are available in a wide selection of colours that are perfect for adding playful hues to a kids’ rooms or sophistication to living areas.

Just because you need to be a little more cautious with your items, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nice things and beautiful quality!

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something for everyone to love

Throws are the cherry on top when it comes to styling your interior. They can offer a pop of colour, dimension, and get the most use — even your pets will love them!

Made from wool, our Nevis throws are great for layering and staying toasty during those cold nights. Whether it’s over the bed, or on the sofa, Nevis is ideal to keep your little ones warm while they sleep or relax.

For a cotton option, our Solano and Sonoma throws a beautifully soft and bring visual appeal to any room it features in due to their pattern and design. Machine washable, these throws can easily be cleaned and also offer longevity, making them a piece you will love for years.

On the lighter side of our throw section, Franco brings a gorgeous 100% linen alternative. Stonewashed with a luxurious, soft vintage feel, our Franco throws are hard-wearing and durable and offer the same benefits found in all of our linen products. Due to its breathability, Franco is perfect during warmer, summer nights where you or your loved ones are wanting a light layer that’s warm enough without being toasty.  

For more information on our linen, be sure to check out our post on what makes our linen different here.

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